Pranks to Do on Your Friends: A List of 7 Just-Wrong Pranks

Pranks to do on your friends

Pranks to Do on Your Friends: A List of 7 Just-Wrong Pranks


December 19, 2019

Do you consider yourself to be a prankster? Do you come up with elaborate schemes and tricks to play on your friends? Well, we’ve got quite a treat for you!

These pranks to do on your friends are pure gold, so if you want to be known as the prankster of the year, these will definitely do the trick!

Let’s start with some appetizers.

1. The Best Present Ever

As pranks to do on your friends go, this one is pretty tame. The best present ever is a three-part prank, and if you want to try it, you’ll need the following:

• a saucepan
• an iPhone box
• a pair of socks (or any other sucky gift you can think of)
• Wrapping paper

We all know that a good prank should have several layers. That’s why this one is simple, yet incredibly effective! Here’s what you need to do:

Step #1: Open the iPhone box and place the socks inside. Close the box, and wrap it with the wrapping paper.

Step #2: Place the box inside the saucepan, and then wrap the saucepan with the iPhone box inside.

Step #3: Give the unexpecting prankee the ‘’gift.’’ Watch them as they awkwardly try to think of something nice to say about the (obvious) saucepan. Then, watch as they unwrap the gift, see the iPhone box, and start squealing excitedly! At this point, you’ll be receiving all sorts of compliments, and it’s OK to revel in them a bit. Finally, once the squealing dies down, and the prankee opens the box, get ready to lock yourself somewhere safe!

Remember when you were a kid, and all you wanted for your birthday was a BB gun or a Barbie doll, yet most of your presents were clothes? Well, this prank perfectly encapsulates that childhood trauma!

2. Messy Shower Prank

Does your roommate have the habit of singing in the shower? It’s time to make them pay!

All you need for this prank is some chocolate milk powder and a plastic bag to keep the powder from spilling into the drain.

Remove the lid from your shower drain, and pour the powder into the plastic bag. Leave the bag open, and carefully place it inside the drain, then replace the lid.

Wait patiently until the prankee goes to take a shower, and wait for the screams of utter disgust to ensue! The chocolate powder will turn the water they’re standing in to a gross brown color.

Now that we’ve explored some of the tamer pranks to do on your friends, let’s get to some of the grosser stuff!

3. Revenge Never Tasted So… Oniony?

Everyone loves caramel apples, right? But what about caramel onions?

Let’s just say that this one is the perfect Halloween prank. For starters, you can play it on more than one person. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Apples
• Onions
• Wooden craft sticks
• Caramel candies

We mentioned the fact that a good prank requires layers, and this one takes that statement quite literally!

Peel the onions so they look like apples, and set them aside. Melt the caramel candies until they’re soft and gooey.

Place the wooden craft sticks in the apples and onions, then dip them into the caramel. Let them cool.

Serve up the dessert to the prankee(s) and wait for the fun to begin!

4. Messy Toilet Prank

This is definitely one of the messiest pranks to do on your friends on the list, so think twice before doing it, and always keep a mop handy!

For this prank, you’ll need to buy some clear plastic film. Put up the toilet seat, and wrap the film around the seat as tightly as you can. Make sure there are no creases.

Keep in mind that it’s best to try this prank after your friend has been drinking, or when they wake up from a nap and feel groggy.

Once your friend goes to use the bathroom, they’re in for a nasty shock! This is definitely one of the messiest pranks to do on your friends on the list.

5. License and Registration, Please

There’s nothing like a good police siren prank to scare the socks off anyone driving a car. If you have a friend that’s constantly driving over the speed limit, texting and driving, or generally ignoring all the traffic rules, it’s time to pull out the big guns.

Download the SirenBox app, and wait until you’re in the car with your friend. Once they start driving erratically, let loose the dreaded sound! There’s a 100% chance that your friend will slow down, and place their hands on 10 and 2 within seconds of hearing the siren!

6. A Hard Day’s Night

Here’s another great prank you can pull using the SirenBox app. After a night of partying and drinking with your friends, invite them over to your house for an afterparty.

Note: Make sure you’re not as drunk as they are, or else you’ll probably forget how to do this prank!

After several shots, your friends are probably going to pass out all over the place. Once everyone is sleeping soundly, it’s time for you to take action!

Gather up as many plastic bottles as you can, fill them with water, and place them around your friends. Make sure they’re as close to their bodies as possible, without actually touching any part of them. Then, take a seat, and turn the sirens on full blast! Watch as chaos ensues!

This prank is pretty messy, but it’s totally worth it!

7. Food-based pranks to do on your friends

If you have a roommate or coworker that enjoys stealing your food, it’s time for some payback!

Since there are several food options you can use for this prank, here are a few of the best suggestions:


Who in their right mind could resist taking a bag of Oreos?! For this prank, you’ll need some white toothpaste, and of course, Oreos. Take the cookies, and one by one, replace the cream filling with toothpaste.

The good thing about this prank is that you can eat the cream filling (which is obviously the best part of the cookie!) and it will teach the prankee a lesson about messing with your food!

Cream-filled donuts

Cream-filled donuts are simply delicious. However, if you have a food-stealing roommate, you’re probably having a hard time enjoying your dessert. It’s time to take justice into your own hands.

Buy some plain donuts, a piping bag, and mayonnaise. I think you know where I’m going with this.

There’s nothing worse than biting into a (seemingly) cream-filled donut only to find out it’s actually full of mayo!

Chocolate surprise

This prank may take a bit more time to prepare, but trust me, it’s worth it! You can use eggs or olives (without seeds) for this prank.

If you’re using eggs, buy dark chocolate, a chocolate egg, and of course, raw eggs. Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler, and let it cool for a bit. Dip one of the (regular) eggs into the chocolate, until it’s completely covered. Let it cool completely.

Get out your chocolate egg, and carefully unwrap the foil. Feel free to eat the chocolate egg. Place the chocolate-covered raw egg into the foil. Make sure it looks authentic.

Once your roommate opens the egg and tries to separate the two chocolate halves, they’re in for a not-so-yummy surprise! If you’d like to try this prank with olives, it’s pretty much the same, except you can put the chocolate-covered olives in a bag instead of wrapping them.

The good thing about using olives is that your friend will probably pop a handful into their mouth, since they’re smaller than eggs.


Pranking your friends is a creative way to spice up your friendship and keep everyone on their toes. However, before you decide to try out any of these pranks, make sure you won’t be causing any damage to your friendship. Not everyone enjoys getting pranked, so be mindful before you choose to do so.

Ultimately, no matter which one of these pranks to do on your friends you end up choosing, you’re bound to be crowned the king (or queen) of mischief!

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